Merchant Services Help Slay the Big Box

Merchant services hampton roads

The threat of losing customers to big box stores is often on the mind of small business retailers. However, consistent with the perseverance that often defines the entrepreneurial spirit, small business retail can adapt – and turn its size into its selling point.

Unlike big-box retail, you know your shoppers, and you likely cater your product or service to their interests. By personalizing the experience at critical touchpoints, you take the teeth out of lingering threats posed by big box stores. We offer a few ideas:

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Run Your Business With Talech Payments

Altor remains committed to giving our customers the best possible technology available and that’s why we’ve become experts in the talech systems!  Together, talech and U.S. Bank provide a proven point of sale (POS) solution for small businesses that delivers …

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Business Tips for Your Holiday Season with Altor

The holiday season is coming up! Whether you’re a large business, a SWaM business or a small start-up, it’s important to be prepared! Get ready for a successful holiday season by reviewing these five tasks and working with your team. …

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