Meet the Team

"No one can whistle a symphony.
It takes an orchestra to play it." - H.E. Luccock

We are really proud of our leadership team that works hard to provide the best service to our clients and charities.

Ed Hopper


Ed Hopper grew up a “Navy Brat” and proud of it! They traveled the world which helped shape the way he looks at life. Ed and his family have called Virginia Beach home for over 35 years.

Ed is the CEO of ALTOR Processing Systems, founded in 1999. In January 2018, he led his company in a new direction. They launched ALTOR/50 and now donate half of their net profits to over 15 charities. Ed says “We can usually help merchants save money and help charities at the same time. It’s a Win/Win!”

Ed spends his free time in the summer as a Supervisor for Virginia Beach Lifesaving Service and is a previous member of the Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad. He sits on the executive board for both the Virginia Beach Minority Business Council and the Virginia Beach Surf and Rescue Museum.


Whitney Dear-Reyes

Operations Manager

Whitney Dear-Reyes, born and raised in Virginia Beach, has an education in Speech Language Pathology and worked for many years in the Norfolk School System. She has spent most of her adult years focusing on her family non-profit, Vanguard Landing, as their Chairman of the Board of Directors and Fundraising Director. She has also worked for a variety of people and businesses. Her most favorite position is that of mom to her two beautiful daughters.

As Operations Manager, Whitney works on many things and focuses on increasing the company’s efficiency, quality and productivity.  Improving company functionality allows for better relationship building and long term success. And more charity donations!

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Jerry Tomlin

Area Account Manager

Jerry is a local guy who blends his deep professional expertise with a genuine love for his community, making him a relatable and trusted partner to his clients.   Beyond his professional life, Jerry is a father to three adult children. He treasures quality time spent with his family, whether it’s relaxing at the beach, enjoying boardwalk bike rides, soaking in live music, or engaging in good-natured competitions over who’s the funniest in the family. His personal interests not only keep him grounded and connected to his community but also fuel his passion for helping local businesses thrive through efficient, painless credit card processing solutions.

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Larry McKenzie

Installation Team Lead

Larry was born in Ohio, and relocated to Virginia in 2006 when he joined the Navy. He remained in Virginia to start his family and continue his career as an IT specialist. Larry now considers himself a local and loves the coastal lifestyle. He is excited for the opportunity to work with ALTOR as the Lead of the Installation Team.

Larry Head Shot

Alex Hopper

Content and Marketing

Alex is a creative professional with a passion for digital marketing and storytelling. He specializes in video production, commercial photography and drone imaging. He spends his free time at the gym, surfing, snowboarding, reading or hiking.