Credit Card Optimization

Optimization for Hampton Roads Businesses and Beyond

Credit Card Optimization Hampton Roads

Many businesses are leaving money on the table and don’t realize it.

For most businesses, the cost of accepting card payments is just part of doing business. But what if there was a way to reduce or offset the transaction costs of payment acceptance?

With ALTOR, our Credit Card Optimization services will identify opportunities to optimize payment acceptance. We’ll provide recommendations that can help lower interchange fees, improve cash flow, and enhance reporting.


Credit Card Optimization Solutions

Regardless of whether the payment occurs online, in-person or on-the-go, we offer options that will help optimize your payment acceptance program.

Commercial Card Optimization

Our program can help you achieve level 2 and level 3 interchange rates when you accept commercial card payments to lower your transaction costs.

Fee Programs

There are multiple ways to offset your payment acceptance costs by charging the cardholder a small fee at the time of sale. This includes service fees, convenience fees and surcharging.

Debit Optimization

Debit transaction optimization routes debit card payments through a lower cost debit network rather than one of the card brand network by prompting the cardholder for a PIN at the start of the transaction.