Run Your Business With Talech Payments

Altor remains committed to giving our customers the best possible technology available and that’s why we’ve become experts in the talech systems!  Together, talech and U.S. Bank provide a proven point of sale (POS) solution for small businesses that delivers powerful business management capabilities, while delivering safe and secure payments.

Learn what you can do with our talech services:

Improve your business operations. 

  • With a range of staff and inventory management features, talech makes running your business easier.
  • Plan employee schedules easily and set inventory alerts to ensure you never run out of popular products.
  • Streamline processes and automate tasks to free up your time and focus on the key details that make the difference to your business.
  • Control your business costs.
  • Reduce waste with intuitive, easy-to-use product catalog and order management tools
  • Generate real-time reports to understand every aspect of your business.
  • Stay on top of your accounts payments with labor cost analysis.
  • Avoid tying up cash flow with excess stock levels.

Create a Better Customer Experience

  • Reduce queue times and employee errors with our comprehensive order management features.
  • Make tipping and check out a breeze with customer facing display and automatically printed labels.
  • Skip paper receipts with digital signature and tipping flow.

Get Running Fast 

  • From hardware, training and support, customisation of features, we are your partner to get set up and started quickly. We will train you and your staff or answer any questions at no additional cost.

What Talech Customers Say:

“talech is worth investing in. Seeing talech working in real-time, it speaks for itself.”
– Toni Garden, Operations Manager, The SpitRoast Kitchen


Get started with Altor’s talech services, today!