Fix Your Customer Experience With Altor

Is your small business stuck in the past? Are your waitstaff still writing food orders on perforated Guest Checks or cashiers waiting multiple minutes for your credit card payments to process? Well, it’s time to upgrade.
Customers now expect that all businesses, large and small, will meet their modern shopping needs as commerce and technology evolve. They want “big-box” shopping experiences as well as convenient, fast payment options, even at the local retailers they’ve been frequenting for decades. That’s why more small business now rely on smart point-of-sale (POS) terminals

Satisfying Shopping Experiences

Are your customers looking for something specific that they can’t find? 69% of baby boomers believe it is important for associates to have insight into available inventory. Smart POS ensures that your staff can quickly help customers locate items, order items or track and manage inventory, as well as place orders for items that are out of stock.
Mobile POS (mPOS) systems also allow tablets, smartphones or other wireless devices to be used as terminals. Because they are mobile, your staff can assist and check customers out in the aisles and at the table – where they are shopping for products or finishing a meal – as well as at the register. So, you’ll not only meet customers’ expectations for efficient service, but also empower your employees to achieve business objectives – particularly more product sales.

Hassle-free Payment Options

As we continue to move toward a cashless society, offering multiple options for customers to pay becomes more critical. Smart POS systems support an array of payment options – contactless for mobile wallets, chip card and magstripe – and expedite payments quickly and securely. Smart POS systems also enable faster settlement and reconciliation, as well as comprehensive reporting to keep businesses running smoothly.
Attracting customers is only half the job. Successful businesses engage the right technology for customer retention. Over a five year period, businesses that focused on improving customer experiences achieved compound annual revenue growth rates of 17% percent versus only 3% percent for those who did not.
Smart devices are a key component in delivering a seamless, positive customer experience that can result in impressive growth for small businesses.
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