Small Business Card Processing Made Easy

Owning a business might have been your lifelong dream or something that your passion for baking, landscaping or interior design might have led you to. No matter how your business came to be, there is one thing you share with 30.2 million other small business owners: you must be able to accept card payments. 

When choosing a card processor for your small business, there are some key factors to consider, including technology, security and branding.

Keep up with technology

Technology is evolving at a pace that we’ve never experienced in the payments space. Whether it’s the newest smartphone technologies or cloud-based systems, it is important for small businesses to stay current. Creating a seamless, consistent experience across channels – in-store, mobile, mail/telephone order and online – is essential for acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers.


Protect customer data

While the ability to pay the way they want is important to consumers, security is perhaps even more critical. Seventy-five percent of U.S. consumers said they will not buy from a company that they don’t trust to protect their data. So, in your search for a trusted small business merchant processing provider, you should consider which solution has the most comprehensive security, with the easiest implementation and maintenance.  

If you don’t already have point-to-point encryption, tokens and EMV, your security data is at risk! 


Stay true to your brand

Consistent branding across all channels will ensure a homogenous customer experience. When you are choosing a payments solution provider, look for one that offers the option to white label, that means you can promote your own brand during the payment process.  

As a small business owner, being able to focus on your business goals and your passions is important to your success. When you partner with an experienced merchant processor, like Altor Processing, you can be confident that every aspect of your card payment processing – from technology implementation, to data security, to branding – is under control.