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In addition to saving our Merchants money, in 2018, ALTOR created “ALTOR/50” as our charitable division. This allowed us to now donate 50% of our net profits to our local charity partners!

Any business using ALTOR for Credit Card Processing is saving money AND doing good in the community!

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We, at ALTOR Processing Systems, are committed to:

  • Offering flexible, secure and innovative payment solutions that help businesses attract and retain customers, process payments and simplify operations.
  • Providing unparalleled customer service to our merchants
  • Offering workshops to all business owners, new and seasoned, to equip them with the knowledge needed to be successful
  • Fostering transparency, staying ahead of industry changes, and nurturing long-term partnerships

We aspire to be a trusted advisor and a valuable resource for businesses on their journey toward successful and seamless payment processing.

ALTOR Processing Systems, Inc

Offering support to businesses of all sizes: from SWaM Certified Businesses, to Government Contractors meeting their SWaM contract goals to Healthcare related businesses. ALTOR has a solution for you! 


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