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Whether you have been in business for decades or just starting out, Altor has a processing solution perfect for your business. Our robust suite of solutions are designed to help businesses grow and deliver quality customer experiences. Come grow with us.

Payment Processing

You have many tough decisions to make each day in your business. Altor is the easy decision for your credit card processor. We offer flexible and secure solutions so you can start collecting all major credit cards today.


Altor Smart Business is a complimentary business consulting service offered to all of our customers. We’re here to help your business succeed. From complimentary Account Analysis to robust Security and Compliance resources, Altor can help your business save money on credit card processing. This money saved enables you to invest in other areas of your growing business!

Gift Card Loyalty

It’s never been easier to attract new customers and build new business. Altor’s Gift Card program is a customizable loyalty program that puts you in the ballgame once reserved only for big business.